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The inspection template is developed for insurance companies. This template can be used by insurance agents as well as by customers themselves to inspect trucks that are accepted for insurance by the insurance company.
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Buying a truck policy is an inconvenient process because it is too long and expensive to inspect the truck
  • Expensive
  • Long time
  • Photo and location fraud
Let an insurance agent or client do the inspection themselves via VIEWAPP and get an insurance premium in 30 minutes!
  • 2 times cheaper
  • 10 times faster
  • No fraud
  • Inspection scenario in the app
Ways to work with inspection.

Mobile App

  • —  The entire inspection is provided in the app
  • —  The app works on Android, iOS and Huawei
  • —  Suitable for clients and remote workers


  • —  Pre-fill the fields for the client
  • —  Make processes clear and organized
  • —  Suitable for internal employees


  • —  Save time: yours and your employees
  • —  Integrate the VIEWAPP into external services
  • —  Reduce mistakes in manual operations
How does the inspection work?
Filling out the form
  • —  Сlient Data
  • —  Truck Features
  • —  Check List
Truck photos
  • —  VIN
  • —  Video from VIN and arund
  • —  Front view of the vehicle
  • —  Right side of the vehicle
  • —  Vehicle rear view
  • —  Left side of the vehicle
  • —  Vehicle wheels inspection
  • —  Windscreen from the outside (general view)
  • —  Odometer (mileage)
  • —  Damage
Inspection expertise
  • — The inspection has been uploaded to the server and waiting for review
  • — During the review process, the expert can return the inspection for rework
  • — A description of what needs to be reworked will be automatically added to the application
PDF signing
  • — Verification is successful, the customer receives the PDF in the app and signs it by SMS. Optional electronic document signing module!
  • — Automatic PDF generation
Inspection report
  • — The equipment has been inspected!
Digital inspections save money on moving to hard-to-reach locations
Digital inspection is 10 times faster than regular inspection
Text and graphic tips will tell anyone how to take photos right
Complete protection against photo and GPS-location fraud
What technology we use.
Data in the application
Data in the application
We make it harder to spoof photos and videos with smart storage
If the file has been replaced, the examiner will see this immediately
Each image is saved with its coordinates
Shooting a video
Shooting a video
Request video footage of insured objects from your clients and agents