Can policyholders do a VIEWAPP digital inspection themselves?
The evolution of any progress often goes through several stages and certainly the implementation of VIEWAPP's innovative digital inspection technology needs several iterations too.
VIEWAPP speaker presentation at ITC DIA EUROPE MUNICH 2023
Today, 23 November 2023, the second day of the ITC DIA EUROPE MUNICH 2023 exhibition continues with over 500 exhibitors...
VIEWAPP on the first day of ITC DIA EUROPE MUNICH 2023
ITC DIA EUROPE MUNICH 2023, one of the most important events in the insurance world, started today, 22 November 2023. 
Who can carry out VIEWAPP digital inspections?
The implementation of any innovative technology involves a number of key decisions that affect business processes. 
Why do financial companies choose VIEWAPP for digitising inspections?
Financial companies provide a large volume of services and therefore have to be orientated towards the needs of their customers. 
How are inspection scenarios generated in VIEWAPP?
VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform consolidates all businesses that perform regular inspections of various objects. 
What other inspection scenarios are available in VIEWAPP apart from auto and property?
VIEWAPP, a digital inspection platform, not only facilitates pre-insurance inspections and damage assessments for auto and property...
VIEWAPP as a tool for digital business improvement
Digital technology offers huge opportunities for companies that are currently at the very epicenter of digital transformation.
AI's VIEWAPP digital inspections joke

Today we decided to brighten up our news agenda with something unusual.

VIEWAPP opportunities for insurance companies
In the insurance world, digital transformation has become a key factor for success and competitiveness. 
VIEWAPP is a participant in Fintech Forward 2023 in Bahrain
Fintech Forward 2023 (FF23) in Bahrain, held from 10 to 12 October 2023, was a rich and significant event in the financial technology and financial services industry.
What effect does VIEWAPP create in insurance sales?
Many insurance companies are in urgent need of digitising their processes and are on the lookout for suitable solutions. 
How to use VIEWAPP for a pre-insurance inspection?
The pre-insurance inspection is important because it gathers information about the insured object, what it is and what condition it is in.
How to conduct VIEWAPP digital inspections?
Digital inspections with VIEWAPP are much easier, more convenient and safer than offline inspections. Non-digitised inspections can still be carried out in a rudimentary way...
How long can companies do without digital inspections and why choose VIEWAPP?
Inspections of different objects are an important and integral part of business processes, as they collect various data in the form of photos and videos for further processing.
Due to what can VIEWAPP inspections be delegated to the end user?
In insurance companies, inspections for pre-insurance or claims purposes have traditionally been carried out by the insurer's specialists...
VIEWAPP is an participant in the Startup OLÉ fair in Salamanca
From 4 to 7 September 2023, Startup Olé took place in Salamanca in Spain, a technology event that has been held annually since 2014.
How can a leasing company benefit from VIEWAPP digital inspections?
Digital inspections are becoming a service standard in many different areas, and the leasing industry is no exception from this trend. 
Why is VIEWAPP not the right application for fraudsters to examine?
Fraud is quite common especially in the financial industry where there are many loopholes for deception. 
How are VIEWAPP digital inspections implemented in companies?

The digitalisation of business processes is an increasingly hot topic in today's world.
How complex inspections can be carried out on the VIEWAPP digital platform?
Inspections are an important part of the day-to-day operations of businesses and a lot depends on the quality of these inspections...
How does VIEWAPP help insurance companies speed up deals and settlements?
Insurance is an important aspect of the modern economy, protecting the property and financial interests of both individuals and businesses. 
VIEWAPP's digital platform has exceeded 500,000 inspections!
Today we are pleased to share an important milestone in the development of our VIEWAPP digital platform - the number of inspections through our system has exceeded 500,000! 
What kind of companies need VIEWAPP digital inspections?
There are many areas in business where companies need to inspect various items, and these items and their inspection procedures can be very complex...
Which is better for digital inspections: in-house or VIEWAPP?
The need to conduct regular inspections varies from company to company, and many are experiencing an ever-increasing need to digitise the process...
VIEWAPP's new function: comparing the planned inspection location with the real inspection location
Digital inspections generate a large number of photos and videos, each of which has its own inspection coordinate... 
Is it possible to prevent fraud with VIEWAPP?
All financial services companies are subject to fraudulent attacks in one way or another...
Where do banks, insurance companies and leasing companies use VIEWAPP digital inspections?
Inspections play a very important role in the business processes of different companies because decisions on further action are based on them... 
New features in VIEWAPP digital inspections: optical zoom and wide-angle camera
The VIEWAPP digital inspections application has new features making both the process and the results of the check-up more professional and efficient:
Improving the multi-photo function in VIEWAPP
When the VIEWAPP digital multi-photo inspection function is used, there are various situations that occur and the inspection procedure can be interrupted. 
VIEWAPP digital platform: the transition steps
Digital inspections of any complexity have become possible with VIEWAPP - a web platform where any company can run its own inspection scenario or use an existing script...
How to digitise inspections with VIEWAPP?
The activities of many companies involve inspections, checks, monitoring and audits of varying regularity and volume.
How is an off-site inspection carried out and why is VIEWAPP needed?
The inspection procedure is required for many purposes, for example there are widespread inspections of cars and property for insurance, leasing and collateral for banking and leasing purposes...
Which is most productive: VIEWAPP inspections by field staff or by end users?
When deciding to modernise inspections in a company and digitise them, you should also think about the best way to make a smooth implementation and who to equip with the inspection tool - your in-house staff or the end-user directly.
How to connect to the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform?
VIEWAPP is a versatile digital inspection platform based on innovative technology that provides for the generation of any inspection scenario.
How efficient is it to do without digital VIEWAPP inspections?
With the ubiquity of smartphones, it has become possible to exchange various data at enormous speed, including photos and videos.
How does VIEWAPP impact companies?
Before establishing the digital inspection start-up, the VIEWAPP founders successfully worked for many years with various insurance companies as insurance aggregator founders...
Is it difficult to adapt business processes to digital VIEWAPP inspections?
Obviously, when new technology comes to a company, it takes some action to adapt the business processes to use it. 
How to make an evaluation of flats and houses with VIEWAPP?
Digital inspections are in demand in many areas of business, but in this material we will look specifically at the work of valuation companies who have to draw up and submit valuation reports on various properties.
Why are companies implementing digital VIEWAPP inspections instead of ordinary photography and video?

With the advent of smartphones, the life of every owner has been significantly modernised - not only have users begun to embrace digital video and photo content extensively...