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Can policyholders do a VIEWAPP digital inspection themselves?

The evolution of any progress often goes through several stages and certainly the implementation of VIEWAPP's innovative digital inspection technology needs several iterations too.

Insurance companies have traditionally preferred to carry out inspections, which are an integral part of their business processes, in-house and the idea that this process could be handed over to the policyholder themselves is viewed with scepticism.

Indeed, inspections in the insurance industry can be very complex, because not only mass objects such as cars and flats have to be inspected, but also many other objects, among which may be:

- specialised machinery,

- industrial facilities,

- factories,

- aeroplanes

- and even yachts.

It is possible to realise any inspection scenario. The VIEWAPP digital inspection platform, which consists of a web interface for managing all inspections and an application for directly carrying out the inspections, has made this possible.

VIEWAPP's web interface provides a flexible scenario builder to create almost any inspection. And in the mobile app, any user can do any digital inspection step by step, as they are provided with instructions on how to do the inspection and what they need to do to get it right and complete, and each step of the inspection is accompanied by a guide to make it easy for the user.

When insurers start using VIEWAPP to carry out their inspections, they get used to both the interface of the web platform and the application within a fairly short time, and the benefits they start to realise instantly, namely

- the inspection timeline is followed perfectly,

- errors are minimised,

- fraud is eliminated,

- costs are reduced,

- sales are accelerated,

- claim settlements are speeded up.

And it won't be long before the next step is to put VIEWAPP in the hands of policyholders themselves.

Self-inspections by policyholders are no longer a fantasy, but a technology that has been successfully implemented by many insurance companies and which brings tangible benefits.

As far as policyholders are involved, we can see benefits such as increased loyalty, as the insurer, by implementing digital inspections, provides a high level of service and respects the personal time of its policyholder, who, with VIEWAPP, does not need to make an appointment with a representative of the insurer to visit. And the digital inspection can be carried out at any convenient time and can even be enjoyed using modern digital services.