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AI's VIEWAPP digital inspections joke

Today we decided to brighten up our news agenda with something unusual.

We are not lagging behind global trends and have created a joke with the help of artificial intelligence! It turned out to be quite accurate and funny!

“An insurance company inspector is telling about digital inspections with VIEWAPP, and his colleague askes: "Why, is it possible to inspect a house this way?"

The inspector replied, "Yes, of course you can, and even without an umbrella in this horrible rain!

-How can you do it without a mackintosh and an umbrella??! It's pouring!

- Cuz with VIEWAPP, the Policyholder will have to dress up in a mackintosh, arm himself with an umbrella and puff conducting the inspection like a real professional himself!”

It is notable that the AI was able to pick up on the peculiarities of using VIEWAPP technology, which can be in the hands of both insurance company inspectors and policyholders themselves. Normally onboarding really starts with the insurance company staff to ensure that they are familiar with VIEWAPP's digitising inspection capabilities, and then scaling up to transfer digital inspections to policyholders.