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Due to what can VIEWAPP inspections be delegated to the end user?

In insurance companies, inspections for pre-insurance or claims purposes have traditionally been carried out by the insurer's specialists who, according to certain regulations and requirements, carry out these inspections using either cameras or smartphones, but without the use of specialised applications. A few years ago, a convenient and secure digital inspection platform, VIEWAPP, was introduced, which allows the insurer to carry out inspections not only by its own specialists, but also to delegate the process directly to the policyholders themselves.

The VIEWAPP platform is a combination of a WEB interface and a mobile phone application. This way of working allows the WEB interface to create and manage all types of inspections, while the application carries out the inspection process itself according to a pre-defined scenario that takes into account all the necessary details and nuances of the inspection.

VIEWAPP provides the option of using pre-made scripts. These include inspections of cars, special vehicles, trucks, country houses, plots of land and complex multi-inspections, which allow several inspections of different objects to be carried out in a single inspection scenario. If a typical scenario is not quite suitable, it is adapted to the requirements or a new one is created.

The user performing the inspection is given access to the inspection scenario, and when he opens the application, he initially receives detailed instructions and has the opportunity to properly prepare for the inspection.

Then, at each step of the inspection, he will also receive prompts that will allow him to perform the inspection without errors. If any inaccuracies do occur, for example, if a picture is not clear enough or if there is some other mistake, there is a function at the examination stage to reshoot a certain step, so that the entire examination does not have to be redone.

The inspection scenario also includes very important things such as:

- Attaching the required documentation;

- Generating a final document such as an inspection report or expert report with an electronic digital signature.

In other words, the VIEWAPP inspection is a full-scale digital inspection with absolutely all the necessary components.

This includes the automatic recognition of damage with an accuracy of up to 98% during the settlement of losses, but this is a separate topic for a detailed article.

It is definitely worth focusing on the security issues of VIEWAPP digital inspections: entrusting VIEWAPP inspections directly to policyholders is, at first sight, a risky initiative, as insurance fraud is on the rise and insurers suffer sensitive losses. With VIEWAPP, the inspections will be securely protected as the technology has an inbuilt set of security measures. For example, photos and videos are not placed in the smartphone gallery and checksums, geolocation authentication and other parameters are checked. This means that it becomes almost impossible to manipulate photo and video materials in a way that would go unnoticed during examination.

In summary, insurance companies, as well as any other business that has a need for inspections for their business processes, have a great prospect of joining the VIEWAPP digital platform already used by major insurers, banks and leasing companies, and gaining all the benefits that come with it:

  • Secure digital inspections;

  • Faster transactions and operations;

  • Freeing up finances by reducing unnecessary costs and much more.