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How are inspection scenarios generated in VIEWAPP?

VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform consolidates all businesses that perform regular inspections of various objects. At the moment, the main consumers of this digital service are financial businesses such as insurance companies, leasing companies and banks.

However, the VIEWAPP platform's capabilities make it possible to realise absolutely any inspection scenario. This is possible because the web interface is a multifunctional constructor that can be used to create any inspection scenario, including a form builder.

To make it easier to familiarise yourself with the VIEWAPP platform's capabilities, basic typical inspection scenarios have already been developed from the outset, including mega hits such as:

- passenger car inspection;

- country house inspection;

- truck inspection;

and even exotic ones such as:

- helicopter inspection;

- aeroplane inspections.

It is clear that every business has its own specifics and a typical scenario may not be suitable. It is easy to correct this, because with the help of the same constructor you can make adjustments or more detail, remove unnecessary stages or add necessary ones. All this is carried out by a delegated specialist from the inspecting company with the advice of VIEWAPP specialists.

In other words, when a company starts implementing VIEWAPP digital inspections, they initially look at existing scenarios and adapt them to their own business processes. Then either the standard inspection scenario is used or it is adapted to suit the company's business.

It should be noted that adjustments and further development of VIEWAPP's digital inspection technology are painless in real business processes. This is possible because the interface of both the web platform and the VIEWAPP app itself, which is used to perform the inspections, are intuitive and well navigated, making the tool easy to learn.

This is evidenced by the fact that VIEWAPP digital inspections can be easily handled even by end-users, i.e. customers of the insurance, banking and leasing companies to whom even the most complex inspections are delegated. The VIEWAPP app supports the user at every step of the inspection process with instructions and hints, as well as an algorithm of actions, which not only allows the inspection company's regulatory requirements to be met correctly, but also minimises inspection errors.