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How are VIEWAPP digital inspections implemented in companies?

The digitalisation of business processes is an increasingly hot topic in today's world. One tool that helps with this is VIEWAPP, a platform for fraud-protected digital inspections of any complexity.


Like any new or innovative technology VIEWAPP requires a sensible approach and thinking about the way in which it will be implemented so that adoption happens as seamlessly as possible. Undoubtedly, the company will have to undertake a number of optimisations to give a new, user-friendly tool for conducting inspections, and this can be done in a number of iterations.


The most painless way to migrate to digital inspections is to familiarise yourself with the product's capabilities to understand the value VIEWAPP will bring along with the implementation, and to train staff to use digital inspections, which is easy enough as the application has clear navigation and a friendly interface. And working with the WEB platform will enable the creation and management of inspection scenarios, producing safe, fraud-proof inspection results and summarising documents that are required at the end, such as a digitally signed inspection report.


The first iteration will be for VIEWAPP digital inspections to be used by the company's own staff. This will not be difficult as the implementation will start in an existing department, where they will simply need to switch to the VIEWAPP application. Piloting is usually done on small volumes of inspections just to identify whether or not there is a need to adapt existing inspection scenarios. This can then be scaled up to the full volume of inspections, so that you can start to fully capitalise on all the values that come with VIEWAPP's innovative technology. And there are many of them:


  • Modernity of service;

  • Speeding up transactions and other operations;

  • Fraud protection;

  • Expansion of sales geography;

  • Competitive advantage;

  • Super savings due to reduced costs for offline inspections and many others.


Speaking of savings: maximum savings of up to 70% are achieved by involving end-users, e.g. policyholders, lessees, renters, in the inspection processes. This can be the next iteration in the implementation once the company's core staff have familiarised themselves with the new VIEWAPP technology.


Start your introduction to VIEWAPP by requesting a demonstration of the capabilities of a platform that has already been successfully implemented by major players in the financial sector.