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How are VIEWAPP users reacting to the new digital inspection tool?

VIEWAPP has a diverse portfolio of successful implementations of digital inspections where the majority of implementations start with the inspection company's own staff, but there are also Customers where the implementation of digital inspections starts immediately with their customers.

In both cases, there is a change in the business process of inspections, which naturally affects those who directly perform the inspection through the application, and those who then work with the resulting data in the web interface. From both, we get feedback not only from our internal customer relations, but also from external feedback that customers leave. And these reviews are quite emotional!

To our delight, most of them are positive and complimentary, which is very encouraging for us, as it is common knowledge that users tend to leave negative feedback more often than not.

Interestingly, when VIEWAPP is implemented at once with customers, they fall into several categories (we analysed the feedback from one particular customer who performs digital property inspections for a mortgage loan):

1.           Immediately satisfied with the changed process and performance of the VIEWAPP app (44.4%),

2.           Surprised by the new inspection rules and tools, but after trying it out were ultimately satisfied with both the process and the results (16.7%),

3.           Satisfied but had comments or requests (11.1%),

4.           Not satisfied with the change in the company process itself (conservatives) or annoyed by the inbuilt security protection (16.7%).

5.           Dissatisfied (probable fraud? or application failures) (11.1%).

These are quite telling results (at the time of this article), which once again confirms the painless transition to the new digital inspection technology. And this is very important, as it happens that companies are afraid to change their business processes and are very reluctant to do so, despite all the tantalising benefits. Positive statistics on the use of the digital service will help them decide to switch to the new innovative service and to keep up with those who have already joined the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform.

As a result, when an inspector company delegates digital inspections to its customers, the greatest effect of implementation occurs not only in the context of economic achievements, but also in the spectrum of competitiveness and increased customer loyalty.