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How can a leasing company benefit from VIEWAPP digital inspections?

Digital inspections are becoming a service standard in many different areas, and the leasing industry is no exception from this trend. Digitalisation is becoming increasingly prevalent and service consumers are getting used to the fact that the service is rapidly becoming a remote digital service.

Leasing companies conduct inspections to be able to control and monitor their leasing assets, which can be quite diverse and located in remote and inaccessible locations. In the case of offline inspections, it is necessary to send a field specialist to carry out the inspection, as there are certain requirements and regulations for the inspection, as well as the attention of a responsible employee is required to avoid fraud.

This procedure is expensive to be physically present and does not guarantee that the inspection will be carried out correctly or that there will be no manipulation or fraud, as the human element leaves space for fraudulent collusion or other tricks.

VIEWAPP digital inspections work positively and preventively in all of these areas:

  • The unnecessary costs of offline inspections are eliminated, and if the inspection is delegated to the end user, in this case an employee of the lessee, the costs can be reduced by up to 70%!

  • VIEWAPP's in-built security system in the form of checksum reconciliation, monitoring of various sensors, video steps and other techniques makes it possible to stop fraudulent attempts at the very beginning, which in turn saves enormous amounts of money, as the company does not have to carry out further costly investigations or incur losses.  

Other positive side effects of switching to VIEWAPP digital inspections are that the company gains a new, modern service, increased customer and partner loyalty, faster transactions and regulatory procedures. Also important is the fact of paperless technology and a reduced carbon footprint, which is ultimately positive for the environment, which is another great trend to choose a service provider by.

VIEWAPP remote inspections help in expanding the sales geography without any extra effort, thereby increasing the efficiency of the business. These are new opportunities that can and should be used in order to meet all the challenges of the digital age.