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How does VIEWAPP help prevent losses from fraud?

Fraud is an extremely complex and, unfortunately, a regular problem for financial businesses. Fraudsters are like parasitic creatures, constantly circling around and nibbling 'chunks', causing immense irritation and significant damage.

Naturally, companies have a strong interest in minimising fraud and use various means to do so, which are mostly limited to checking and identifying suspicious cases, maintaining security services, and so on. But much remains undetected, and the frauds that are detected show a very significant level of damage they cause.

For example, just one fraudster is able to bring losses of tens of thousands of euros to the insurer by implementing the scheme "fake accident, fake photos and documents, visit to the insurance company, receive the due payments" - and this is not an invented case, but an identified method of deception, which the attacker managed to use in several companies at once.

"How was this possible?" - we ask ourselves. Because for us the answer is obvious - they simply didn't have VIEWAPP!

VIEWAPP has a whole arsenal of security features to prevent fraud. For example, we do not allow you to store inspection results in the smartphone's gallery - you cannot add photos or videos of the object itself from the gallery to the inspection. Inspection will have to be done only in the real moment, and only the documentation that accompanies the inspection can be uploaded from the gallery.

It is also not possible to fake GPS coordinates or substitute the object, as there are inbuilt video steps: all of this means that fraudsters find it virtually impossible to manipulate the results of VIEWAPP inspections (e.g. insurance or leasing property).

The expert who works with the results of the inspections carried out will be notified if there is a sudden discrepancy in the control sums. This method allows to catch those who tried to perform any actions with the inspection results at the entrance.

As a result, all inbuilt security features allow you to prevent fraud at its earliest stage without involving security services, investigations and other related activities.

The fraud protection function of digital inspections provides significant financial savings for companies that implement VIEWAPP's innovative technology, and this is just one of the many benefits of digital inspections.