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How does VIEWAPP impact companies?
Before establishing the digital inspection start-up, the VIEWAPP founders successfully worked for many years with various insurance companies as insurance aggregator founders, where they managed not only to build a strong surplus business but also to identify the huge needs of the insurance market for digital products as well as for business process changes that would eventually reformat the company in line with modern realities and allow not only for very tangible savings, but also for earning more.

Insurers have a number of points of focus for digitalisation and the first area that has been highlighted is the conduct of inspections. Inspections in insurance are required, among other things, when accepting an object for insurance - this is where they decided to start, because the process looked as follows: it was necessary to maintain a certain staff of specialists who were required to know the company regulations on inspection and had to make personal visits to the client with all the manipulations of the inspection in person. The fieldwork technician, who could travel from one end of Moscow to another, or even out of the city, was obliged to provide the photos and video footage to the company for further processing. This was most often done, again, by transcribing onto a USB stick and then delivering it to the office, or by uploading it onto the Internet. Then photo and video materials were sent to certain experts for taking a decision (expert analysis).

Here again the following points are revealed: in-person visits of experts required not only expenses for salaries of these employees and their training but also payment for transport and time costs, which could have a negative impact on, for example, tariffs of the insurer because the higher own costs, the higher prices for insurance products.

In addition, the client had to make arrangements and allocate time for this field worker, possibly taking time off work, again losing earnings and inconvenience. Last but not least, photos and videos could easily be falsified as there was no control over the process, leaving a wide field for fraudulent manipulation.

VIEWAPP has ushered in a new era in which an insurer can conduct remote digital inspections with a minimum of effort and money and a guarantee of protection against fraud: the VIEWAPP web-based platform allows you to construct an inspection scenario of any detail and complexity with detailed instructions for each step, which then allows you to conduct inspections via VIEWAPP not only by the insurer's own staff, but even to delegate these inspections to insurers. And such digital inspections take only 10-15 minutes in contrast to offline inspections which could take hours or even days.

And because VIEWAPP implements a host of security measures, starting with data from various sensors and checksums, it allows the assessors who receive the photos and videos to easily identify fraudulent attempts, which also reduces costs to the company, which without the VIEWAPP digital inspections could easily be conned out of millions of rubles, for example by passing off one expensive car as another or a house built from cheap materials as a luxury cottage and many such cases.

As a result, companies that switch to digital inspections at VIEWAPP dramatically reduce their inspection costs by up to 70% and free up resources that can be used for other high-priority tasks.

Customers benefit from a modern digital service which has a positive impact on customer loyalty and brings more clients to the company. Due to significant cost reductions, it becomes possible to revise insurance rates, which will also benefit the overall health of the company and further expand the client portfolio. Also important is the ease of use of both VIEWAPP and the web interface, giving the insurer's experts a convenient automated system to work with much less routine tasks.

VIEWAPP extends the functionality and updates the product features every month so that every business has the possibility to connect to digital inspections. VIEWAPP's price list offers various migration options to the VIEWAPP platform depending on the needs of the company and provides full consulting support for the migration to the new digital surveys. In other words, the implementation of the product is closely monitored up to successful scale-up.