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How is the interaction on the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform structured?

Inspections of various objects are present in many spheres of activity and are an important part of daily processes in companies. Just think about insurance companies, where inspection is required not only when accepting an object for insurance, but also when settling a loss. And such inspections are done en masse according to certain standards and regulations.

At the same time, many inspections are still carried out manually, which, of course, looks like a rudiment in the context of the global trend towards digitalisation.

VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform is designed for any company that needs to digitise its inspections and have a convenient tool to analyse and manage these inspections, including their geographical visualisation.

VIEWAPP is a combination of a web interface and a mobile application that allows to combine the entire inspection cycle fr om the beginning to the final result, which can be a report on the results of the inspection, for example a digitally signed "Inspection Report". Let us look at the work on the platform in more details.

What is the functionality of the VIEWAPP web interface?

This is the workplace wh ere you generate, edit and manage your inspection scenarios. In the web interface, any company can

- Use a scenario fr om the library of standard scenarios,

- make the necessary changes to the standard scenario to adapt it to their business processes,

- or create their own inspection scenario from zero.

This is possible because VIEWAPP's web interface has a multifunctional table and form builder that provides almost limitless possibilities to create scenarios of any complexity and detail. As for the handling of the inspection results, they are moderated every step of the way, wh ere the Expert can accept the results and send them for revision or reject them.

A very important point is the security of carrying out inspections. In order to avoid fraud, which is very common in areas such as insurance, banking and leasing, VIEWAPP has security features which, if an attempt at fraud is detected, will signal to the examiner that the material has been manipulated. VIEWAPP thus cuts off fraud at the very entrance to the company.

The functionality of the web interface also makes it possible to process a huge amount of data on inspections by many experts at the same time, which is a major advantage and makes routine work quicker and easier.

What is the VIEWAPP mobile app required for?

The VIEWAPP mobile app is designed to allow inspections to be carried out directly either by the inspecting company's staff or by their Clients. The inspector accesses the required inspection scenario and then follows simple, easy to understand prompts. To give you an example, a standard car inspection used to take up to a few days, as you would have to make an appointment, travel, then do the car inspection itself. This means time wasted. Now, with VIEWAPP, it will take 10-15 minutes for the end user to get a vehicle inspection and can be carried out at any time they wish.

This means that VIEWAPP digital inspections are generated and managed via a web interface, while the inspections themselves are carried out via a mobile app. The functionality of the platform is constantly being improved and supplemented: companies have new needs or requests, which we are happy to fulfil.