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How is VIEWAPP applied in insurance companies?

The insurance industry is in dire need of digital services, the most important of which is the inspection process, which is closely linked to other important parts of an insurance company's business. Insurers have a lot of current requests, and VIEWAPP has a tried and a proven solution that not only digitises the inspection process, but also provides features such as automatic damage recognition.

Inspections in the insurance industry take place at the insurance acceptance stage and at loss settlement. Let's look at the use of VIEWAPP in pre-insurance inspections.

Without VIEWAPP, the face-to-face inspection is usually carried out by an on-site specialist. The inspection objects are photographed on the phone without any special means of identifying the object and the place of inspection accurately. This is associated with a high risk of fraud, as well as incorrect compliance with the inspection regulations.

In addition, mass on-site inspections entail serious expenses for salaries of inspectors, as well as transport costs. All this can be avoided by joining the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform.

  • The insurance company on the VIEWAPP platform starts to perform pre-insurance inspections of cars, houses, flats and any other objects using the VIEWAPP app, according to its own or a standardised inspection scenario, which includes a step-by-step execution of shooting and documentation regulations with multi-level fraud protection.

  • The results of the inspections are processed in the VIEWAPP web interface, where experts can operate and manage the inspections - making decisions on each step and at the same time stop fraud if manipulation is detected, e.g. if the system detects an attempt at geolocation spoofing.

In the same way, it is also convenient to work through the process of loss adjustment process, which is no less important than pre-insurance inspections, if not more so. In both cases, automatic damage recognition will make your work much easier - and VIEWAPP already has this!

We will integrate any convenient provider of this solution, and currently already have several highly accurate providers to choose from.

The use of VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform in insurance companies offers significant benefits and optimises key processes in the insurance industry. In particular, VIEWAPP makes it possible to replace traditional face-to-face inspections with efficient and secure digital processes, reducing fraud risks and ensuring accurate identification of inspection objects with automatic damage recognition. Our innovative solution makes a significant contribution to the digital transformation of the insurance business, making it more sustainable, efficient and customer-centric.