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How long can companies do without digital inspections and why choose VIEWAPP?

Inspections of different objects are an important and integral part of business processes, as they collect various data in the form of photos and videos for further processing.

The purpose of inspections can be different. They can be such tasks as:

  • evaluation,

  • expertise,

  • monitoring,

  • control,

  • audit

  • and even a disciplinary measure.

Decisions are made on the basis of the results of the inspections carried out, and in order to make the right decisions, the results of the inspections must certainly be original.

A simple example is the daily work of an insurance company while accepting for insurance, when a car, country house or other object has to be inspected. It should be noted that there is a practice of accepting some objects for insurance without conducting an inspection, recommending the client to do it himself, but is it right? After all, it unleashes the hands of fraudsters and complicates the conscientious clients further settlement of losses, when they will have to prove the presence and condition of their property.

Offline inspections using unprotected photos and videos are now a thing of the past, as digital technology and artificial intelligence are replacing them. VIEWAPP combines both, not only providing secure authentic inspection footage, but also simplifying the claims process as it integrates AI in recognising the damage a property has sustained with up to 98% accuracy.

With the transition to VIEWAPP's digital platform taking place in a matter of weeks (1 week to 2 months), it is becoming increasingly difficult to stick to pre-digital inspection methods. The market immediately picks up on the global trend towards digital service and digital transformation in general, and those who don't join the trend may be left behind because they don't fit in with the market and customers will move on to where they feel more comfortable.

Unlike competing products, VIEWAPP can inspect almost anything, not just trivial car or building inspections. The "Multi-Inspection" function allows you to inspect several different types of objects in one inspection and generate the required final document for each inspection. And, of course, VIEWAPP features digital signature signing to ensure that the digital inspection procedure is complete. This multi-inspection technology is in demand, for example, with banks when they need to check collateral, which can be, for example, a plot of land + an industrial facility + a production line.

VIEWAPP is also chosen for the fact that by connecting to the digital inspection platform, transactions and other inspection processes are instantly accelerated, which directly improves business efficiency, not to mention the fact that the budget for inspections is sharply reduced.

So, companies using offline inspections in their operations will be forced to turn their attention to the digital transition in the very near future, and may have already done so. And with confidence, backed up by successful implementation in various businesses, we can say that VIEWAPP is the best solution for quality and secure digital inspections.