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How long does the VIEWAPP digital inspection take?

The VIEWAPP digital inspection for the inspector is a pre-defined scenario using the mobile app. This scenario includes all the steps required by the inspection company's requirements or regulations. At the same time, the user is provided with instructions and hints in order to complete the inspection steps without errors and quickly.

The most common inspections in the insurance industry are inspections of cars, flats and houses for insurance acceptance or claims settlement. In addition, large numbers of inspections are carried out to monitor collateral or leasing objects, and here the objects of inspection can be much more diverse, they can be:

  • specialised machinery,

  • production lines,

  • aeroplanes

  • land plots and much more.

It is obvious that a car inspection will be easier to perform than, let's say, a factory inspection, each object will have its own scenario and the more "serious" the object is, the more extensive the elaboration of the inspection scenario will be.

If we are talking about vehicle inspections, with VIEWAPP you can carry out an inspection in 10-15 minutes. The VIEWAPP digital inspection can be carried out either by the inspection company's staff or by the company's customer, such as a policyholder or lessee. This offers unlimited opportunities to increase the efficiency of the company, as the digitisation of inspection processes simplifies the entire chain of events and frees up resources, both financial and human.

In general, digital inspections compare favourably with analogue inspections in that, in the end, there is no need to make an on-site visit. The very visit to the object of inspection, which wastes money in the form of transport costs and staff salaries. When companies adopt VIEWAPP digital inspections, they first use their own staff to test VIEWAPP's capabilities and then, once they are satisfied that everything is working safely and correctly, they pass the inspections on to their customers, who are happy to use VIEWAPP's advanced technology to inspect their own vehicles or other assets.