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How to conduct VIEWAPP digital inspections?

Digital inspections with VIEWAPP are much easier, more convenient and safer than offline inspections. Non-digitised inspections can still be carried out in a rudimentary way via cameras or smartphones without any specific technology and then the data is transferred to a server on a physical device directly by the person carrying out the inspection.

The digital inspection procedure for any user, be it a company representative or a customer, starts with authorisation in the VIEWAPP app in order to access the required digital inspection scenario. The inspection scenario is generated and checked in the VIEWAPP web interface against the regulations in advance to ensure that the inspection is carried out exactly as required by the inspection company. This avoids repeat inspections and minimises errors. Companies can either use ready-made scenarios or adapt them to their own needs in the scenario builder.

  • Before proceeding directly to the inspection itself, the user is presented with clear and easy-to-understand instructions on what and how to prepare for the inspection.

  • Then, starting the inspection, the user will see that the inspection is broken down into specific steps, each of which is accompanied by a hint.

  • By following the suggested steps and prompts, the user successfully gets to the end of the inspection and thus achieves the task set in the inspection scenario.

VIEWAPP's interface is well navigated and intuitive, making even the most complex inspection procedure, such as an aircraft inspection or a multi-inspection, i.e. several inspections in one scenario, a simple task.

VIEWAPP gives you the opportunity to redo a step if something suddenly goes wrong or if, for example, a blurred image is noticed during the inspection phase. This way, the entire examination does not have to be redone all over again.

The VIEWAPP digital platform has been successfully used by many companies for more than 3 years, during which time a significant pool of users has been established. This makes it possible to receive feedback and respond quickly to needs and requests. This is extremely important, as users should be comfortable with VIEWAPP and everything is being done to ensure this. The development and support team is constantly making improvements to the functionality, as new interesting digital inspection cases and new companies with their own specific tasks appear.