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How to digitise inspections with VIEWAPP?

The activities of many companies involve inspections, checks, monitoring and audits of varying regularity and volume. A prime example is insurance companies who need inspections to accept insurance claims and to settle claims. Quite recently, just a few years ago, these processes took place almost 100% offline, meaning that you had to send/assign a specialist to the insured and took photos and videos with a camera with storage on a memory stick or on a mobile phone with storage in a smartphone gallery.

This process came with a whole set of inconveniences and risks at once:

  • All those involved in the inspection had to sacrifice their time: the insured person either on their day off or in their free time or to the detriment of their working time; the inspecting specialist most often had to make a field trip, which required both time and in many cases money for transport costs.
  • The result of the inspection, in the form of photos and videos, could easily be tampered with, both in the process of taking them and in the process of passing them on to the next stage of inspection by the examiners, as the available means of authentication left much to be desired and could not fully guarantee protection against fraud.

With the advent of the VIEWAPP digital inspection tool, the following happened:

The company, having been given free test access to the technology, is running starter checks to familiarise itself and to decide whether to go digital with the inspections. VIEWAPP has an extensive library of the most common inspection scenarios fr om the outset, so it can be implemented straight away without any changes. In the event that a company prefers to have its own branded assembly, the necessary changes are made and an appropriate product is produced, or VIEWAPP can be embedded into an existing company application.

Companies who need to extend the functionality of the basic inspection scenarios or to make adjustments will receive an adaptation service according to the current price list. The process of customising inspection scenarios involves close consultation between the VIEWAPP support team and the company's subject matter experts.  

The pilot launch of digital inspections at VIEWAPP demonstrates, on a small scale, exactly how remote inspections will now be carried out and gives businesses time to adapt to the new format. It then scales up, finally moving the inspections to a digital service.

With the advent of VIEWAPP, fraud becomes extremely difficult as the inbuilt security technology can detect and prevent manipulation of inspection results. And for insurers, for example, fraud is an acute problem, so VIEWAPP digital inspections are literally an escape from this disruptive phenomenon, which costs huge amounts of money.

Companies are always curious to know how long it takes to switch to VIEWAPP digital surveys. The implementation period is different for everyone, depending on the volume of inspections and the rotatability of the company itself, which will certainly has to make some changes to its business processes. And these can be either minimal changes (simply equipping an existing inspection department with VIEWAPP) or global changes wh ere a remote inspection with VIEWAPP is carried out by an end user, for example the insured. But in general, you can aim for anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months, which is another advantage of VIEWAPP - the almost instant implementation makes the transition to digital even more attractive in comparison to the benefits that will immediately arise with a digital service.