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How to use VIEWAPP for a pre-insurance inspection?

The pre-insurance inspection is important because it gathers information about the insured object, what it is and what condition it is in. This inspection leads to the decision whether to accept the object for insurance or not, i.e. it is an essential part of the insurance process and is present in the insurance company every day in large volumes.

Another decision on the result of the inspection is, for example, the determination of the tariff, and therefore the more thorough and safe the pre-insurance inspection is, the better decisions are made based on its results.

No less important fact is the safety of pre-insurance inspections, as fraudsters take every opportunity to manipulate the information, for example, replacing photos and videos of damage on the car with photos and videos of a similar undamaged car, thus providing false data.

These manipulations can then turn into losses if not detected in a timely manner or if the insurance claim is not thoroughly investigated. Fraudulent losses can be easily avoided by using VIEWAPP digital inspections.

The developers of the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform have thought about how to make pre-insurance inspections as safe and convenient as possible:

  • Initially, the scenario of the pre-insurance inspection protocol is worked out according to the insurance company's regulations, i.e. all requirements for filming, the number of photos are taken into account, and video steps are added to prevent data tampering. After all, not only cars are inspected. On insurance are accepted completely different objects, for example, it can be special equipment, country house, aircrafts, ships and so on. And each object is required to have its own scenario, as well as the documentation that must be attached to the result of the inspection, so that the data from the inspection, such as all the details of the car or drivers, for example, are included in the final documents summarising the inspection. An electronic digital signature is also provided if required.

  • Built-in security features in the web interface will signal that data has been tampered with when attempts to manipulate photo and video data are detected. This will make it possible to prevent suspicious items from being accepted for insurance at the very beginning and to stop fraud. Which ultimately saves huge amounts of money.

Pre-insurance inspection can be performed either by a specialist of the insurer or by the policyholder himself. It depends on the level of development of the insurance company and its advancement in the use of digital technologies. Usually it is the insurer's specialists who start using VIEWAPP, and as they quickly become accustomed to using the application, they realise that not only the insurer's specialists can carry out the inspections, but also the customers, who in turn quickly get used to it and start enjoying all the benefits of secure remote digital inspections. Instead of wasting time and meeting with on-site specialists, they open the VIEWAPP app themselves, receive clear instructions on how and what to prepare for the inspection, and start doing the inspection step by step, whether it's of their car or their country house.