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Is it difficult to adapt business processes to digital VIEWAPP inspections?

Obviously, when new technology comes to a company, it takes some action to adapt the business processes to use it. Business processes can take years to build and become the cement on which activities are built, but there is no denying that with the passage of time and increasing progress, these same business processes need to be modified to adapt to the demands and standards of an evolving market.

The main trend today is the digitalisation of services, which is simply bursting into the lives of companies, even those as inflexible as the insurance business, which may be happy to ride on the old rails, but still have to recognise the inevitability of change and the benefits that come with it.
As far as insurance companies are concerned, at first it was a big revelation for most of them to get an electronic policy, which was long and difficult to get for years because it was dragged down by the old-school habits of selling something that was not particularly clear, complicated, and awkward with many nuances.

And then came the era of digital inspections.

The market demands simplicity and clarity, and this applies to all stages of buying policies. For example, electronic insurance policies were first implemented, followed by digital services for accepting objects for insurance and for remote loss settlement, which are just as convenient and straightforward. All of this is easily implemented on the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform.

There are several approaches to migrating to the new VIEWAPP remote inspection technology:
- Completely self-sufficient onboarding with minimal consultancy support;
- The involvement of full consulting support fr om VIEWAPP specialists;
- Combination options depending on the company's situation.

Our implementation practice shows that most companies can completely re-engineer their processes themselves and it takes approximately 2 months. The procedure is facilitated by a pilot project at a small capacity to test out all the points and to identify which changes may be necessary, as well as the possibility to fully roll out the inspection scenario, making the necessary modifications.

Consulting assistance for adaptation may be required for extremely complex business processes and multiple hierarchical structures and their interrelationships, wh ere professional help is needed. For this, separate services are available in the VIEWAPP price list and they involve a full connection to the implementation for successful scalability. Either way, conversion to digital can be done fairly quickly and with minimal investment, resulting in a completely new digital service with multiple savings in both finances and other resources, which again translates into those monetary savings. If you make the comparison, it's like doing laundry - you can do it manually, but it's still more convenient and progressive to use modern tools like VIEWAPP, which are now already in use in many companies, giving a signal to other market participants.