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Is it necessary to create a personal inspection scenario for VIEWAPP digital inspections?

The VIEWAPP digital inspection platform is designed to digitise inspections carried out by companies on a regular basis, in any volume and of any complexity. The VIEWAPP digital inspection is a user-driven process in the VIEWAPP mobile app, where a specific scenario is set up and a collection of photos and videos is generated, which are safely protected fr om tampering or manipulation by a whole range of security features.

The VIEWAPP inspection scenario was originally developed as a result of working with insurance companies, which made it possible to make the inspection immediately in such a way that all requirements and regulations of the insurer were taken into account. In addition to insurance, digital inspections are popular in the banking industry and with leasing companies, wh ere leased or pledged items are regularly inspected or checked. Each digital inspection requires not only compliance with certain regulations, but also documentation, which is also implemented in VIEWAPP. The inspection itself can be completed with a final document (an inspection report, for example), which automatically includes all the data from the inspection.

VIEWAPP currently has around 40 different inspection scenarios in its arsenal, ranging from popular and common cases such as car, flat and house inspections to the rare but also in demand inspections of factories, production lines, land plots and other facilities.

  • However, every company has its own peculiarities and specificities that it may want to realise by adapting a typical scenario to its business and this is a completely expected story, which is also easily reflected in the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform.

  • In order for a company to understand whether a typical inspection scenario is suitable, there is a testing period for the system and nuances are identified during the pilot phase, when digital inspections are implemented in a small area or volume of inspections to finally correlate the company's business processes and the innovative digital inspection technology.

Our experience shows that the implementation of VIEWAPP is painless and that there are few changes to the typical scenarios, i.e. the adaptation process is simple and organic.

The final result of the implementation certainly justifies the little effort that may be required to create your own digital inspection scenario and immediately have a tangible effect not only in terms of increased business efficiency, but also in terms of the comfort of daily work, which is transformed from analogue to digital with all its advantages.