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Is it possible to prevent fraud with VIEWAPP?

All financial services companies are subject to fraudulent attacks in one way or another, and one of the easiest ways to cheat an insurer, banker or leasing company is to fraudulently conduct an inspection that is not equipped with countermeasures. Substitutions are made in various ways, it can be a substitution of, for example, an object during inspection for a similar instance, as well as substitution of coordinates or time of the inspection. Some "skilful" people develop whole schemes in order to get as much money as possible.

Thus, one fraudster managed to pull off an insurance operation and then attempts to get insurance compensation after a fire in 6 houses. The potential damage was estimated at around 180,000 Euros. To implement the scheme, plots of land were bought, on which houses were then built fr om cheap materials, but inside they were made decent finishes to create the illusion of expensive housing. As a result, the valuation and insurance sum was obtained, which did not correspond to the real value of the property at all.

How was this possible? There are a number of possibilities, ranging fr om collusion with the insurer or assessor to falsification of the inspection materials, but in any case, this suggests that fraud was not detected at the time of acceptance for insurance, which can be prevented very easily by connecting to VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform.

The VIEWAPP digital inspection application, which can be used either by the inspector himself - an employee of the inspection company - or by the company's client, will immediately initiate an inspection scenario that is based on the standard of work of financial companies and takes into account their individual characteristics, i.e. not only how much, what and from what angle should be filmed in both photo and video versions, but also generate those summarising documents with digital signatures that should be in the final inspection.

Storage of materials with the calculation and reconciliation of checksums, use of another place for storing the results of the inspection rather than the smartphone gallery (a separate secure storage in APP), SSL-certificate providing data encryption, geolocation of the device allowing to compare information with graphic data, use of other smartphone sensors such as compass, accelerometer - all this is aimed at creating such security conditions in which fraud becomes practically impossible.

Also, in further analysis by expert specialists, an alert will be received when suspicious activity occurs. This alarm will allow you to see exactly wh ere and how the manipulation of materials was carried out, which in turn will prevent further chain of fraud. As a result, potential fraudsters are cut off, saving companies huge amounts of money, and it should be realised that this is not only a direct waste, but also an indirect one, wh ere resources are spent on all sorts of activities to detect and deal with the consequences of a fraudulent attack. With VIEWAPP digital inspections, inspections become completely secure from start to finish, i.e. until the results are accepted, on which further processes are then based.