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New features in VIEWAPP digital inspections: optical zoom and wide-angle camera

The VIEWAPP digital inspections application has new features making both the process and the results of the check-up more professional and efficient:

  • The optical zoom has been introduced, which unlike the digital zoom allows you to zoom in without losing image quality;
  • The wide angle function has been added to capture larger objects. This is useful in situations where there is no opportunity to take a picture fr om a distance, for example, when inspecting a car parked on the road - the road may hinder the shooting from afar. A wide angle camera is also useful when you want to check out buildings in the countryside wh ere a fence or other obstructions may prevent you from walking far enough away from the subject to fully see it through the viewfinder. In order to correctly process the results of photos taken using the wide-angle camera, the web-interface indicates with which Zoom/Remote the photo was taken, since the wide-angle function distorts the image and the photo is not 1:1, which must be taken into account.

Two other important and useful features are also provided to users:

  • Re-focus by tap on an area of the screen. The phone does not always focus correctly itself and sometimes you need to invoke this function. Usually the camera is unable to focus due to dirty lenses, low light, close shooting distance and other reasons. You can now refocus with a tap on the screen without having to wait for the phone to do so.
  • Document scanning. The scanning function is now available in the settings for the steps in which you intend to take photos. The scan function is more convenient for documents as there are no unnecessary fields in the photo (calculator, keyboard, steering wheel, feet etc. will be left out when using the Scan function).

The changes listed above are currently implemented on the iPhone and will soon appear on Android and the HUAWEI AppGallery. Once the features have been tested on VIEWAPP, they will traditionally be available to all branded builds of the app.