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New VIEWAPP feature: cadastral map on the digital inspection map

Great news for those involved in property inspections - VIEWAPP has added a valuable new feature: the cadastral map is now displayed on the digital inspection map in the web interface!

Anyone who works with property inspections knows that the most important aspect of a property inspection is the identification of the property. A key step in this process is to match the inspection coordinates to the cadastral plot.

This task is often difficult because of the need to match the cadastral map to the survey map. Manually performing this task is quite time consuming, so we have developed a new functionality to display the cadastral plot directly on the survey map!


How to launch the new functionality:

1. In the inspection scheme, tick the "Show coordinates on cadastral map" checkbox;

2. If the system finds something similar to the cadastral number in the inspection form, it will find the information on the cadastral map and display it on the inspection map.

The new feature will be useful for anyone working with remote property inspections:

1. Mortgage of Individual Residential Construction;

2. Mortgage of Countryside property;

3. Pre-insurance country property inspections;