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VIEWAPP: 700,000+ digital inspections!

The VIEWAPP team is pleased to announce another milestone in our activities - we have passed the milestone of 700,000 inspections carried out by our customers! And the turnover is increasing rapidly.

The major players in the market perform around 10,000 inspections per day and this is just the beginning. Insurance companies are massively performing pre-insurance inspections, including by their clients.

The area of loss adjustment also requires urgent digitalisation, which was directly hinted to us by the policyholders themselves, when they used a template of a pre-insurance inspection to inspect a car after an accident and it came to the expert's attention, although in the company digital inspection in loss adjustment is still only in its initial stages. The expert was incredibly surprised and could not understand how this could be!

But the policyholder was absolutely sure that if the pre-insurance inspection in the insurance company is already done via VIEWAPP, then the settlement should definitely be done in the same way. This case is both funny and illustrative at the same time - this is how policyholders themselves see the VIEWAPP digital inspection service, which is necessary and useful for them.

Banking structures, real estate mortgage services perform inspections of their mortgaged property, and leasing companies inspect leasing objects. And all of this is done in a single, convenient and secure VIEWAPP standard.

VIEWAPP is receiving a lot of reviews as the volume of digital inspections grows and this is great feedback that gives an objective view of the application and user satisfaction with its performance and convenience. Most of the feedback is positive and appreciative - this makes our team very happy. And we carefully consider every feedback, comment or suggestion from our users to make the use of our technology as comfortable as possible.

We are constantly developing VIEWAPP functionality in response to the evolving needs of our customers, improving our technology for the best possible experience.