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VIEWAPP as a tool for digital business improvement

Digital technology offers huge opportunities for companies that are currently at the very epicenter of digital transformation. Digital services are literally everywhere, and where gaps remain, they are rapidly being filled as customers demonstrate an increased appetite for quality digital services.

Many businesses, particularly those providing financial services, have a significant need to improve processes for conducting various types of inspections:

- Monitoring;

- Controlling;

- Audits;

- Check ups;

These inspections have a significant impact on business processes, as the results of these inspections are the basis for further steps and decisions.

Companies choose different ways to equip their business processes with digital technologies and there are even those who are engaged in their own development. However, statistics show that the most effective way is to resort to an already used and well-proven technology in order not to waste own resources, but on the contrary to quickly and smoothly transition to a new way of doing business. VIEWAPP is just such a technology.

VIEWAPP is a powerful and innovative digital inspection platform that transforms offline inspections into a convenient and secure digital inspection experience. The platform is implemented through a web interface and mobile app, allowing not only the inspections themselves, but also full management of the inspections.

VIEWAPP provides a boost to businesses as once inspections, checks, monitoring, controls are digitised, there is a noticeable increase in the speed of all transactions, especially sales growth, which enhances the profitability of the business.

With the introduction of VIEWAPP digital inspections, there is a cascading growth jump not only in customer service, but also in the quality of life of the company itself, as not only the interactions with customers change, but also the overall work within the company's specialists. They no longer experience negative emotions from complex and routine work, but rather receive quality tools to quickly and easily analyse the results of inspections.

VIEWAPP opens up much-needed digital opportunities for companies, leading to improved business processes, providing:

- cost reductions,

- increased competitiveness,

- increased speed of transactions.

VIEWAPP's innovative platform for secure digital inspections proves that digital transformation is a key success factor in modern business.