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VIEWAPP: benefits of joining the digital inspection platform

VIEWAPP is an innovative technology for conducting inspections of any object in businesses that require regular large-scale inspections. This process in companies usually requires substantial resources, as it needs relevant departments with field specialists, as well as supervising structures in the form of logistics departments, experts who have to work with the results of the received inspections.

Offline inspections usually bring to companies such problems as increased service costs in the form of transportation costs, as well as the amount of employee salaries, which can be significantly lower with digital inspections.

At the same time, the results of inspections that are conducted without proper security can be easily faked, which is what fraudsters take advantage of. And since in general they inspect quite significant objects, for example, in insurance it is cars, apartments, country houses, then in case of manipulations even of a single character, the losses are quite sensitive.

All this leads to the fact that companies regularly lose large sums of money, and by procrastinating the transition to the digital format, they do not develop properly, considering that digital technologies are being implemented everywhere and at a very fast pace.

The VIEWAPP digital inspections platform offers companies the opportunity to digitize offline inspections very quickly and start getting all the benefits of the new innovative technology immediately. The platform consists of a mobile version - an application that performs inspections according to scenarios that take into account the specifics of each company and each object, which allows to bypass another problem faced by companies - the exact fulfillment of inspection regulations.

The VIEWAPP mobile application has been available for more than 5 years and has been successfully used by various companies. This means that the technology has come a very long way and has evolved to a user-friendly interface and functionality that allows digital inspections to be conducted at a modern level.

The VIEWAPP web interface is a platform for creating and managing inspections. It allows to start using already developed scenarios and to adapt them if necessary, i.e. there is actually no need to create an inspection scenario from zero. But it is also possible, if suddenly a company has its own special specifics or a request for an exclusive variant.

The web interface of VIEWAPP has been developed taking into account the peculiarities of routine work of experts who need to process large data arrays and operate many inspections. Automated processes, convenient prompts, visualization - all this helps to carry out the examination much faster, which in turn means full optimization of this process and speeding up transactions by times.

VIEWAPP digital inspections ultimately have a positive impact on the overall health of the company, as it automates one of the most significant processes and this entails speeding up transactions, gaining a competitive advantage and increasing profits not only by reducing costs, but also by increasing sales.

The more modern a company's service is, the easier it is for it to maintain its leadership and to function more efficiently and effectively, leaving behind the pre-digitalized technologies that have outlived their usefulness. VIEWAPP gives companies all the advantages of a modern digital inspection service.