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VIEWAPP: Digital inspections of leasing equipment in hard-to-access locations

In the digital age, leasing companies are discovering new opportunities to optimise processes and improve the maintenance of their facilities. One of the key innovative solutions is VIEWAPP digital inspections, which not only reduce costs, but also improve the quality of inspection of leasing equipment in remote and inaccessible locations.

  • Cost and time savings: Traditional offline inspections require sending field specialists to inspect leasing objects. This incurs significant costs in terms of travel, accommodation and labour. VIEWAPP offers to revolutionise this process by digitising it. By transferring the inspection to the end user, costs can be reduced by up to 70%, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Preventive safety system: VIEWAPP provides an inbuilt security system that utilises checksums, sensors, video recordings and other technologies for early detection of fraudulent attempts. This prevents unwanted situations at an early stage, saving companies not only money but also time previously spent on lengthy investigations.

  • Increase customer loyalty and speed up processes: Switching to VIEWAPP digital inspections brings leasing companies not only economic benefits, but also improved service. Customers and partners appreciate modern service, and transactions and regulatory procedures become more efficient. This contributes to increased loyalty of clients and partners.

  • Environmental responsibility and business efficiency: The use of digital inspections is also in line with trends in environmental responsibility. Paperless technology and a reduced carbon footprint are added pluses for companies looking to be more environmentally sustainable.

  • Expansion of sales geography: VIEWAPP offers the opportunity to expand your sales geography without any extra effort. Remote inspections make it easier to engage with customers in remote areas, thereby increasing business efficiency and opening up new prospects.

VIEWAPP digital inspections are becoming a key element of the modern leasing business, providing companies with effective tools to monitor and improve the maintenance of leasing equipment in hard-to-reach locations. This is not only cost-effective, but also contributes to the innovative development of the industry, making it more sustainable and customer-orientated.