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VIEWAPP ecosystem: working with digital inspections

Companies that integrate VIEWAPP digital inspections into their business processes not only gain a new level of interaction between their own staff and customers, but are also able to use the results of the digital inspections to interact with their partners (insurer and bank, for example), which is very convenient and in line with current trends.

The VIEWAPP digital inspection platform ecosystem is an integrated environment where customers, inspection companies and partners are brought together for digital inspections. The basic idea is that all participants interact on a general platform, ensuring a high level of safety and compliance with inspection standards.

  • Within the company itself, analogue methods of collecting information are being replaced by digital techniques, thus triggering acceleration processes throughout the entire chain of events that make up an inspection. The VIEWAPP mobile app, which is now used for digital inspections, enables inspections to be carried out quickly, efficiently, safely and in compliance with regulations and procedures. 

  • All data will be sent to a server where the inspection results will be analysed by specialists, who will also receive all the necessary tools in the web interface to ensure that the materials received are strictly true to reality - in other words, that they are absolutely fraud-proof.


  • On the side of the customers, who are now mainly insurance companies, banks and leasing companies, positive processes are also taking place, because if a company evolves to outsource VIEWAPP digital inspections to its own customers, they will be able to do so at their own convenience, without having to make arrangements with specialist inspectors. And they spend far less time on the process than they would with a face-to-face inspection with an on-site specialist.


  • It is extremely difficult to commit fraud using the VIEWAPP mobile app because every attempt to do so will be met with security measures that are not only linked to various phone sensors, but also to checksum reconciliation, which makes it possible to cut off fraud almost completely at the very beginning, without bringing the situation to the very fact of fraud, when you have to spend money on investigation and remediation.

The VIEWAPP platform provides security technologies to ensure data confidentiality and information integrity during digital inspections. Inspection standards are implemented within the ecosystem, promoting uniformity of processes and evaluation criteria, which in turn increases the efficiency and reliability of inspection procedures.

Customers, inspection companies and partners interact on the platform, utilising its functionality to conduct digital inspections, share information and manage processes.