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VIEWAPP: How can all kinds of inspections be digitised for insurance, leasing, banks or other industries?

Any inspection procedure consists of a number of steps that have certain requirements and if these requirements are not fulfilled, the inspection has to be completely or partially redone. This results in unnecessary costs not only for the maintenance of staff, but also negatively affects relations with clients who have to deal with such unoptimised procedures.

At the same time, the area of inspections is a favourite field of activity for various fraudsters, because it is very easy to fake unprotected inspections - to change the results and to profit from it.


And the damage that fraudulent actions cause is substantial. Even if we minimally assume that, for example, in the insurance company at least once a month will be tampered with the results of inspections of at least one expensive SUV or suburban property of average value, it is already a very significant loss. To say nothing of the fact that fraud is detected by insurers in huge numbers (considerably more than 1 SUV per month), but even more remain undetected!

VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform is designed to address all of these issues as it is a cutting edge innovative technology that turns on-site inspections into secure digital inspections.


This is possible because any inspection protocol can be translated into a scenario that takes into account the company's requirements: the inspection is carried out step by step by the user and each step is accompanied by clear illustrated instructions and the necessary prompts. In other words, it is virtually impossible to do it wrong.


Preventing fraud is the key objective of the VIEWAPP platform, which is based on a whole range of measures that prevent an attacker from manipulating, i.e. substituting photo and video results. Not only the usual user identification and various smartphone sensors are involved, but also other secret techniques that are used individually for each company, taking into account its specifics.


Since VIEWAPP digital inspections are made in such a way that they can be used not only by company staff, but also by the end user, e.g. an policy holder or a lessee or a bank borrower, the possibilities for businesses are multiplied. After all, in this case they can delegate inspections to their clients, which is what companies eventually come to. However, conservative attitudes and various fears prevent them from moving in this direction, which are only removed by the positive experience of VIEWAPP digital inspections.

To summarise, it is quite easy to digitise any financial business inspections by connecting to the VIEWAPP digital inspections platform.


Here, the web interface will create the necessary inspection templates taking into consideration all the requirements of the inspecting company, while in the VIEWAPP mobile app, users, whether they are the company's field staff or its customers, will carry out their own inspections, the results of which will then be handled by experts in the web interface and their conclusions will be based on the prompts of the security inspection system. VIEWAPP inspections are equipped with a final document (the Inspection Report), which is automatically filled in based on the results of the inspection and signed with an electronic digital signature if necessary. In other words, a fully automated turnover of digital inspections has been created.