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VIEWAPP opportunities for insurance companies
In the insurance world, digital transformation has become a key factor for success and competitiveness. 

Insurance companies are looking for new ways to improve processes and more convenient and efficient service delivery. In this context, VIEWAPP, a platform for digital inspections, brings revolutionary changes to the insurance industry.

VIEWAPP digital inspections: a modern view of insurance

Pre-insurance inspections are a very important part of the insurance process. Many decisions depend on the quality of pre-insurance inspections: whether or not to accept an object for insurance, how to determine the insurance rate, how to identify potential risks. But offline inspections can be costly and time-consuming. This is where VIEWAPP digital inspections make a difference.

The inspection process with VIEWAPP

VIEWAPP provides insurers and customers with a complete state-of-the-art digital inspection solution. The inspection process begins with authorisation in the app, where the user accesses the required inspection scenario. The inspection scenarios are tailored to the insurance company's requirements, eliminating errors and avoiding repeat inspections.

The user is then provided with visual instructions on how to prepare for the inspection. VIEWAPP breaks down the inspection into individual steps and provides prompts for each step. The user follows the suggested steps, takes photos and records video, and fills in the required information.

VIEWAPP also provides an electronic digital signature option if required, which increases data security and simplifies procedures.

Positive effect on insurance sales

VIEWAPP has a significant impact on insurance sales and the business of insurance companies:

1. Cost reduction

VIEWAPP reduces costs associated with pre-insurance inspections by up to 70 %. The time spent on an inspection is reduced to 10-15 minutes and financial costs are reduced due to reduced labour and transport costs.

2. Accelerated transactions

By reducing the time spent on pre-insurance inspections, the insurance process is accelerated. Customers can get insurance policies faster, which increases satisfaction and attracts more customers.

3. Increased competitiveness

Insurance companies using VIEWAPP become more competitive. They provide faster and more convenient services to customers, which attracts more clients and helps to expand customer portfolio.

4. Minimising errors

VIEWAPP provides inspection scenarios with prompts, which helps in avoiding errors while collecting information about insurance properties. This improves data quality and decision making.

5. Customer convenience

Customers can conduct inspections themselves using the VIEWAPP mobile app. This makes the insurance process more convenient and transparent.

6. Improved customer service

VIEWAPP helps insurance companies improve the customer experience by providing innovative and secure digital services.

VIEWAPP is a platform that is really changing the insurance landscape, making it more efficient and customer-centric. By reducing the time and cost of pre-insurance inspections, insurance companies can offer faster and more convenient services, which in turn attracts more customers and drives business growth. VIEWAPP proves that digital transformation is not only a modern trend, but also a strategic tool for success in the insurance industry.