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VIEWAPP's digital platform has exceeded 500,000 inspections!

Today we are pleased to share an important milestone in the development of our VIEWAPP digital platform - the number of inspections through our system has exceeded 500,000! This confirms that our product is user-friendly and transparent and is actively used in various market segments.

VIEWAPP is a digital platform designed to simplify and speed up the inspection process in various industries including insurance, banking, leasing, property and many others. Our mission is to minimise the time and cost of inspection procedures, digitise offline inspections and thereby increase the speed of closing deals and resolving issues.

With the increasing number of inspections via VIEWAPP, we see that companies are increasingly appreciating the benefits of our product. It offers a secure inspection system that virtually nullifies the risk of fraud, which is particularly important for companies dealing with high value inspection properties.

VIEWAPP also helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Fast and efficient handling of inspections, user-friendly interface, and security all make the inspection process more transparent and understandable for customers and companies.

Reaching 500,000 inspections is an important milestone in our development, but we are not going to stop there. Our goal is to make the inspection process as convenient, accessible and transparent as possible for everyone involved. We are constantly working to improve VIEWAPP, taking into account feedback from our users and the latest market trends.

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers and partners who have chosen VIEWAPP as their inspection tool. This success is above all to your credit! We are happy to see that our labour is being put to good use and appreciate your support. New milestones and achievements are ahead of us and we are sure that we will be able to share them together!