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VIEWAPP: The first million digital inspections!

Today VIEWAPP celebrates a major milestone - on 2 July 2024, we made our first million digital inspections! This significant date is a testament to our efficiency and innovative approach to inspections in a wide range of areas.

Digital inspection platform

VIEWAPP 's digital inspection platform is connected to a wide range of clients, including insurance, banking, leasing, housing and finance companies, and many others. The use cases of the VIEWAPP application are numerous, and they are not limited to the financial sphere. We are looking much wider, and the first million digital inspections are just the beginning.

Benefits of VIEWAPP digital inspections

VIEWAPP digital inspection platform offers not only ready-made inspections, but also produces customised inspections tailored to each client's business. Any company can start digital inspections with a ready-made solution and immediately get all the benefits of digitalising this important process:

- Modern digital inspection service: Thanks to high-tech tools and software, our clients can carry out inspections with maximum accuracy and speed.

- Protection against content spoofing: Our solutions provide a high level of data security and fraud protection, which is particularly important in the insurance and banking industries.

- Expert Convenience: Digital inspection results are available in a convenient format, making it easy for experts to analyse and make decisions.

- Faster transactions: Digitalising the inspection process significantly reduces the time required to complete transactions and deals and opens up new opportunities for business growth.

- Cost benefits: Our customers report significant cost savings - up to 70% savings compared to traditional inspection methods.

Trust of market leaders

VIEWAPP is a reliable partner, proven over time. We are trusted by leaders in the insurance and banking markets, as well as major companies from other industries. We are proud to help our clients reach new heights and optimise their business processes.

Looking to the future

Our first million digital inspections are just the beginning. In the future, we plan to expand the functionality of our platform, introduce new technologies and offer our customers even more opportunities for growth and development.

We thank all our customers and partners for their trust and support. Together we continue to move forward, making digital inspections accessible and efficient for all business sectors.

Join VIEWAPP and become a part of our mutual success!