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What can VIEWAPP offer to corporate insurance?

The insurers' demand for digitalization is not only in the digitization of inspections for individual policyholders, but also in the corporate sector. All the same challenges that insurance companies face in conducting inspections - their high cost and insecurity against fraud - still persist there. This is fraught with consequences on a much larger scale than in the private sector when it comes to insuring such objects as office buildings, factories, special machinery, tractors, helicopters, airplanes, leisure boats, yachts, production lines and much more. There have been cases in our practice, for example, when fraudsters have tried to manipulate the results of inspections of special equipment (and not only) and this could end in significant losses - such situations can be avoided with VIEWAPP digital inspections.

VIEWAPP is able to inspect any such object with all the necessary detail and requirements, not only in terms of photos and videos, but also in terms of documentation. This is possible because VIEWAPP is designed as a script and form builder. This allows even the most complex inspections to be realized digitally.

VIEWAPP's functionality is so diverse that it is impossible to describe all of its fantastic features in a short article, so we will outline just a few of them:

  • Automatic filling in of the final document in the insurer's form (Inspection Report, for example) with the inspection data.

  • Electronic digital signature of the document formed based on the results of the inspection.

  • To simplify the inspection process, a mechanism of repetitive process is implemented for the relevant cases. For example, when inspecting an office, a repetitive process will be needed to inspect different rooms in a sequence.

  • For corporate inspections of several objects at once there is a "Multi Inspection" mode - when several different objects are inspected within one inspection, each according to its own template - for corporate insurance this is a real gem.

  • Wide-angle shooting capabilities: The wide-angle camera is ideal for capturing large objects in situations where it is impossible to get a sufficient distance to shoot from afar.

  • Convenience of work with documentation is provided by the "Scan" function - it allows you to avoid unnecessary elements on photos, such as unnecessary fields or extraneous elements.

  • For the convenience of expert work a lot of functions are implemented from security measures in the form of Alert about manipulations with photo or video materials to projecting the cadastral map on the inspection map to compare the results, as well as visualization of the tracking of the inspection - it is very important in the examination of materials, for example, the inspection of land plots or various buildings.

To summarize: VIEWAPP's digital inspection platform is designed for inspections of all kinds of objects for corporate insurance purposes with reliable fraud protection and user-friendly, well thought-out functionality. VIEWAPP's functionality and features are constantly being enhanced to meet all the demands and needs of insurance companies. 10+ insurance companies are already working with us and most of them have been successfully implementing VIEWAPP digital inspections for several years, both with their own field staff and with their policyholders.