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What kind of companies need VIEWAPP digital inspections?

There are many areas in business where companies need to inspect various items, and these items and their inspection procedures can be very complex, such as aircraft inspections, or remote, such as machinery in quarries when mining. But there are also plenty of conventionally simple inspections, a prime example being insurance companies, for whom it is important to inspect every vehicle and property when accepting insurance or settling a loss.

For insurers, inspections are necessary to:

- Verify the existence of the property and verify its condition when accepting insurance.

- To inspect the property when a claim is received.

Both these tasks were traditionally solved by inspections performed by the insurer's specialists or its representatives using only the capabilities of a smartphone or even just a camera. And this could not guarantee the absence of manipulation of the inspection results or collusion between the interested party and the inspector, for example, "not to notice" the defects of the structure, etc. The fraudulent use of insurance as a means of easy enrichment is a serious loss, and although this practice has been successfully countered, it still generates losses which can easily be prevented by switching to VIEWAPP digital inspections with an inbuilt security system. It combines the recognised methods of using smartphone sensors and geolocation with checksum reconciliation and much more. As a result, there is no way to tamper with inspection materials.

In banking, leasing and valuation, the tasks are similar - inspections and checks of objects for monitoring and control purposes. VIEWAPP is perfectly suited to these tasks, providing convenient and secure digital inspections that can be carried out either by the company's staff or directly by its customers or partners, resulting in a huge reduction in inspection costs.

Inspections do not just end with photos and videos, they also require verification, assessment, evaluation, expertise and other routine activities, which in most cases must be concluded with a document such as an inspection report or an expert report. VIEWAPP enables the necessary documents to be generated in an automated manner and signed with an electronic digital signature.

In addition to financial organisations, digital inspections can be implemented in areas such as:

- E-commerce for compiling product catalogues;

- Merchandising to control and monitor product display;

- Construction to control and monitor construction phases;

- Real Estate to inspect rental or sale properties;

- Supervisory agencies where facilities need to be controlled and inspected;

- Food to control and monitor deliveries and many others.

The palette of use cases for VIEWAPP digital inspections is incredibly broad, we have only named some of the most obvious businesses where digital inspections have already been successfully implemented and the companies have received all the benefits that VIEWAPP's innovative technology has brought with it during digitalisation:

- Competitive advantage;

- Safety;

- Convenience;

- Reduction in overall inspection costs;

- Acceleration of the transaction;

- Modern service;

- Improved quality of service;

- Reduction in paper usage;

- Increased customer loyalty.