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What makes VIEWAPP a priority when choosing a digital inspection provider?

There are many businesses looking for digital inspection solutions, most notably insurers, banks, leasing companies and those involved in some form of control or monitoring of various facilities, such as mortgage construction phases. Companies need to understand what is currently available on the market and who to favour, while digitising their inspections quickly and painlessly.

The provider of such a solution should have:

  • Firstly, a proven product that has already been successfully tested and tried and trusted by various companies and has a good reputation.

  • And secondly, the company that implements and supports the digital inspection technology should be stable, steady, quickly responding to various changes and providing full technical support.

In addition, the solution itself should be universal, as different types of objects need to be inspected. That is, it should not be just a car inspection - the system should allow for any type of object to be inspected in any quantity.

When it comes to digital inspections, one of the most important issues is defence against fraud, because in the financial sector, for example, there is a very high level of fraud, which causes significant damage to businesses.

In insurance, for example, a couple or three fraudulent attacks and manipulation of the inspections of expensive SUVs is fraught with very sensitive damage, so digital inspections should work by default to prevent such manipulation, which then results in no need to investigate these cases and no need to suffer losses at all.

VIEWAPP, as a digital inspection technology company, fully fulfils these characteristics with a stable team to design, develop and support the product and users. Our solution has been successfully used by well-known banks, insurers, leasing companies and leading players in the property market for several years, meaning VIEWAPP has proven its functionality and reliability.

VIEWAPP, as a product, copes perfectly with the digitisation of any inspections and protects them reliably from fraudsters - the security system is well elaborated in every detail. Unlike other solutions, VIEWAPP digitises inspections of any object and can be used universally.