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What opportunities does VIEWAPP open up for banks?

In countries where banks control and monitor collateral in-house, they need a powerful tool to automate and digitise regular inspections. One of the most successful solutions is VIEWAPP's innovative digital inspection platform, where numerous bank inspection scenarios are realised.

Each VIEWAPP digital inspection is protected against fraudulent manipulation, making it possible to use more than just in-house staff for inspections.

In contrast to insurers, banks are much more determined to delegate remote inspections to their customers. And they benefit greatly fr om it, because this optimisation of the inspection process instantly reduces the cost of travelling to customers - and bankers, more than anyone else, can count and see the savings.

The world around us is rapidly becoming more and more digital, and banks, as anchor institutions, also need to be not only aware of the digital transformation, but also actively implement it in order not to lose their competitive edge and to be at the forefront of modern institutions.

Optimising the inspection process from analogue to digital methods is one of the most important tasks, which can be implemented with VIEWAPP in a relatively short period of time - within two months. Standard bank inspection scenarios, such as inspections of a

  • flats,

  • a house,

  • an office building,

  • factory,

  • a production line,

  • land plot,

  • special equipment,

  • car,

  • equipment,

  • sea and river vessels,

  • aircraft,

  • commodity balances in warehouses, etc.

VIEWAPP digital inspections have already been actively used by many banks and have proven to be not only effective but also safe.

It should also be emphasised that the introduction of VIEWAPP digital inspections helps to simplify compliance with legislation relating to pledged assets, because when all inspections are fully digital with all the associated documentation and final expert opinions or inspection reports with the information collected, they are much easier to manage and manipulate for various purposes.

It also becomes much more convenient for the bank's experts to analyse the data obtained from the inspections, as they are performed uniformly and it is easy to verify the authenticity of photo and video materials, as well as to make comparisons between what the object was before and what it is at the next inspection.

As for the bank's clients, they in turn receive a modern service wh ere their time is respected. They can inspect the collateral at any convenient time with a minimum of effort, simply by picking up a phone with the VIEWAPP digital inspection app installed on it.