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What other inspection scenarios are available in VIEWAPP apart from auto and property?

VIEWAPP, a digital inspection platform, not only facilitates pre-insurance inspections and damage assessments for auto and property, but also provides many other scenarios for use.

VIEWAPP's technology is an extensive capability for any remote inspection, helping to save time and resources in a variety of industries including insurance, banking and leasing.

VIEWAPP's web interface is a versatile builder where you can create a scenario for any inspection, with all the details you need. 

This scenario will fully reflect the regulatory requirements of the inspection company, which is important as manual inspection errors lead to erroneous decisions regarding the condition of the inspected object, which can lead to financial losses.

Fraudulent use of inspection materials, which is likely to occur with offline inspections without adequate security, can also lead to similar losses. To counter this risk, VIEWAPP has a whole arsenal of protective measures to prevent fraud. These include not only the use of various smartphone sensors, storing inspection material outside the phone's gallery, but also checksum reconciliation and other security measures.

Over 30 different typical inspection scenarios have already been generated, allowing digital inspections to begin immediately to test the platform's capabilities. Among the most demanded inspections today are the following scenarios:

  1. Passenger car inspection,

  2. Inspection of a country house,

  3. Flat inspection,

  4. Inspection of a truck,

  5. Inspection of special equipment,

  6. Inspection of a self-propelled machine,

  7. Inspection of production line,

  8. Inspection of the land plot,

  9. Inspection of the plant,

  10. Inspection of an aeroplane,

  11. inspection of a helicopter,

  12. Inspection of the construction phase.

These are just some of the possible scenarios.

In addition, VIEWAPP provides not only individual inspections, but also multi-inspections, i.e. when there is a need to have a common group inspection of several objects at once.

There are also quite complex inspections where a single object needs to be inspected quickly and by several inspectors, for example a factory inspection. VIEWAPP allows multiple inspectors to access the same scenario so that they can inspect different floors or different rooms at the same time, for example. That is, VIEWAPP provides:

- Single inspections;

- Multi inspections;

- Complex inspections.

And any combination of these.

Each inspection can be designed to be accompanied by the necessary documentation. In addition, VIEWAPP digital inspections automatically generate the final document (e.g. the Inspection Report) and sign it with an EDS.

This is only a small part of the possibilities offered by VIEWAPP.

Digital inspections on the VIEWAPP platform have a significant impact on the operations of companies as they have the effect of speeding up all processes and further increasing the efficiency of the entire business. Every business that has regular inspections, checks, monitoring or controls will be able to find or create any digital inspection scenario to suit their needs and become the owner of a modern digital service.