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What problems do businesses have with inspections and how does VIEWAPP solve them?

Inspections have been and continue to be one of the most important issues for various companies, as different decisions are made based on the results of inspections, so a lot depends on the quality of the inspections carried out. For example, whether an object will be accepted for insurance or whether leased equipment is in existence and in what condition.

Digitalisation has not yet touched all companies that do mass and regular inspections, but the transition to digitalisation is becoming dominant and does not allow you to stay on the sidelines for long, because without it you can lose your place in the market, because having a modern digital service gives a huge boost in the competition.

The challenges faced by inspection companies are very clear and simple.

1.           Firstly, there are the costs that have to be incurred to accompany face-to-face inspections, i.e. salaries of travelling specialists, transport costs and so on.

2.           Secondly, it is the manipulation of the results of the inspections, as a result of which fraudulent actions are committed and companies incur either direct losses as fraud losses or indirect losses when they have to investigate suspicious cases and also spend money on this.

3.           Thirdly, many companies have quite complex inspection procedures that are difficult to follow and naturally there are a lot of errors that result in either having to redo inspections or turning a blind eye to faults, which also contributes to fraud.

VIEWAPP, as a platform for digital inspections of any complexity, fully provides a solution to all these problems.

Digitising inspections will save companies a minimum of 20% and up to 70% of their costs.

A multifunctional digital inspection service will be available that can be used conveniently not only by the staff of the inspection company itself, but also by the end customer, if the company is able to evolve to this stage - and there are already many such companies (insurance, leasing and banking). It is at this point that the maximum possible economic effect is realised.

With regard to fraud, VIEWAPP has implemented various security features in its platform to help prevent fraud at an early stage, which allows it to identify manipulators and prevent them fr om realising their plans.

Compliance with inspection regulations is built into the inspection scenario from the outset, wh ere the user is given clear, short instructions and simply has to follow the inspection steps, making the inspection not only quicker but also minimising errors.

As a result, inspection companies get a very convenient digital service adapted to their needs and tasks, which in turn has a positive impact not only on competitiveness, but also increases customer loyalty, who quickly start to like the service and do not understand how they could do without it before.