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What values are guaranteed with VIEWAPP digital inspections?

Digital technology has come to the forefront of company development, and innovation in the inspection of vehicles, property and other items is playing a key role in improving business efficiency and safety. One of the leading companies offering state-of-the-art digital inspection solutions is VIEWAPP. With VIEWAPP, it is possible to realise a number of values that become assured by moving to digital inspections.

Let's take a closer look at the main benefits of connecting to VIEWAPP's digital platform

Timely digitalisation: VIEWAPP offers innovative digital inspection technology, enabling companies to stay on top of the latest technological innovations and provide a high level of service.

Fraud protection: One of the most important values is fraud protection. VIEWAPP prevents attempts to falsify inspection results and provides strong protection through a suite of security measures that outperform similar tools.

Cost reduction: With VIEWAPP, companies can save up to 70 % on inspection costs. Digitalised inspections speed up processes, reduce losses and improve resource efficiency.

Improved service quality: Quick and accurate VIEWAPP inspections increase customer satisfaction and improve the company's reputation.

Accelerating transactions: Using VIEWAPP digital inspections can speed up transactions, for example in insurance sales and reduce the time it takes to pay out claims, giving you a competitive advantage and increasing customer loyalty.

Eliminating data loss: VIEWAPP guarantees secure data transfer and storage, eliminating data loss and ensuring data availability even when offline.

Environmentally friendly: Going digital helps to reduce the use of paper, which has a positive impact on the environment and is in line with global trends in environmental responsibility.

Convenience for all participants: VIEWAPP offers a user-friendly interface, clear navigation and easy-to-use functions to ensure comfort and convenience for all participants in the inspection process.

Geographic expansion: Digitalised inspections allow you to expand your sales and customer service geography without the additional cost of opening branches, which helps you to grow your business and increase your customer base.

Visualisation of geographical coverage: VIEWAPP provides the ability to analyse and demonstrate the geographical coverage of inspections, which is an important tool for companies to assess their capabilities and strategic planning.

Overall, VIEWAPP digital inspections promise to be not only an effective tool for companies, but also a key factor in improving their competitiveness, safety and business process efficiency.