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Which objects can be inspected with VIEWAPP Digital Inspections?

The VIEWAPP digital inspection platform interacts with various businesses that carry out inspections, controls and audits of various objects on a regular basis and in large quantities. These businesses include, first and foremost, insurance companies, for whom inspections are part of the insurance acceptance and claims process. Insurers are our first love and specificity!

But other businesses have quite a variety of inspections as well. Leasing companies must periodically inspect leased property, and banking companies must inspect the properties of their mortgages. Mortgage property companies check the construction stages for loans and so on.

To talk in detail, let's take the example of insurers. Although the most common case for them is the inspection of a passenger car, but the insurance business requires inspections of other objects, and not only for insurance of individuals, but also for corporate purposes. These are inspections of such objects as:

- Flats,

- Country houses,

- Offices,

- Factories,

- Production lines,

- Special equipment,

- Aircraft,

- Ships,

- Yachts and more.

Even from this list it is clear that VIEWAPP has a lot to offer, because the detail, complexity and logic of each of these inspections varies greatly. VIEWAPP also offers multi-scenario inspections, i.e. the simultaneous inspection of different objects, which is also in demand in the insurance industry.

Not only does the object have to be inspected, but also the results of the inspections have to be protected against manipulation, and there are enough of these in every business that involves inspections. VIEWAPP pays great attention to security measures, which brings companies tangible benefits from the very first days of using the digital inspection service.

So, VIEWAPP can digitise the inspection of almost any facility, and this makes VIEWAPP the leader in choosing a digital inspection provider.

In general, inspections are present to a greater or lesser extent in many areas, and VIEWAPP will definitely be moving forward and expanding the use of cases, as VIEWAPP's digital inspection technology allows for the realisation of even the most complex inspection scenarios through a versatile template and form builder.