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Who can carry out VIEWAPP digital inspections?

The implementation of any innovative technology involves a number of key decisions that affect business processes. The move to VIEWAPP digital inspections is no exception and there are several ways of implementation and each has its own evolution, speed and effect. Let's break down what the differences in approaches are in implementing VIEWAPP digital inspections and who ends up doing the inspections.

So, let's start by saying that when a company that has a need to digitise an inspection, such as an insurance company or a leasing company, is looking at VIEWAPP, there are all sorts of concerns that the inspection itself is a very highly regulated process and it seems absolutely impossible to "populate" it into an application, let alone transfer the process to the end user, i.e. the policyholder, for example.

Well, the secret is that VIEWAPP was originally conceived as a consolidator of all inspection procedures, and this has been achieved by the fact that VIEWAPP is a Universal Builder that can be used to implement any inspection scenario. That is, everything required for the collection of inspection materials will be in the scenario and nothing will be missed or filmed in a way that is not required by the insurer or leaser.

And since the implementation is initially piloted on small volumes of inspections, each of the scenarios will eventually be fully adapted to the company's needs, and then there are two ways to proceed.


As a rule, companies start implementation by training their own staff, familiarising themselves with the technology and learning its advantages. After a short period of time, the company then has VIEWAPP digital inspection technology available to its own staff, who continue to make visits to their end-users, but armed with a modern digitising inspection tool.


Although the effect of the VIEWAPP implementation is stunning, it has not yet achieved the wow effect of up to 70 % savings in inspection costs. This, in turn, is achieved by the final transfer of inspections to the end user - the policyholder, the responsible leasing officer of the recipient, the bank customer and so on.


So, to summarise, there are two main categories that can carry out VIEWAPP digital inspections:


- the company's inspection staff itself,

- the company's customers or partners.