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Why are companies implementing digital VIEWAPP inspections instead of ordinary photography and video?

With the advent of smartphones, the life of every owner has been significantly modernised - not only have users begun to embrace digital video and photo content extensively, but the use of specialised apps has also seen tremendous benefits, although this is far fr om the end of progress.

There are many situations in everyone's everyday life wh ere photos or videos can come in handy, fr om facilitating the sharing of emotions, to social media use, to professional use. However, amateur content is amateurish in that it cannot fully meet the demands of modern business.

The evolution of digital inspections develops from the fact that simple photos and videos do not meet the regulatory requirements of companies, and they not only may not be accurate from the perspective of inspection organizations, but also can be trivially falsified. Using insurance companies as an example, it is easy to see that from a routine user photo or video review, the object of insurance or damage can easily be represented in a way that misleads the company to obtain fraudulent payments. For example, a car with one VIN number is replaced with a similar car with a different number, or a house built from substandard materials is passed off as a much better value specimen to receive a payout after an allegedly insured event.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of episodes like this that we see year in and year out - and they result in huge losses. But things can be much simpler and more transparent - it is only a question of the technology used. VIEWAPP provides answers to these challenges, as the web platform and the VIEWAPP app, a complete solution for digital inspections, have been developed in response to these challenges and, after standardisation and adaptation, have been successfully implemented in various structures - not only in the insurance, banking and leasing sectors: the remote safe inspections on VIEWAPP have also become the answer for other businesses based on a deep analysis of the challenges faced by insurers. 

Inspections are inherent to one degree or another in all companies, whether they are inspecting insurance facilities, bank mortgages, special equipment in leases or even foodstuffs that need to be exported according to standards. And the risks of misinterpreting the condition of the item being inspected lead to a high risk of loss. On the scale of insurers it can be high-profile cases such as car and property manipulation that end up with millions in losses, while on the scale of other businesses it can be billions in losses when it comes to large food shipments, for example.

The other dimension is the cost of carrying out the inspection itself, wh ere it costs a significant amount of money for the firm both to send a specialist with all the necessary knowledge to the site (whether it is a trivial inspection visit to the insured, an inspection of a helicopter in another country, an inspection of a government contracted food delivery to avoid corruption) and to verify the results of the inspection.

VIEWAPP gives you access to inspections of any complexity and category - there is a versatile inspection builder that can be built in, even for highly complex inspection and verification scenarios, and the system is equipped with anti-counterfeiting features, as security is a high priority for remote inspections. VIEWAPP digital inspection libraries are comprehensive - every insurance company, bank or leasing company can have access to complete inspection scenarios tailored to their specific requirements and can start their digital inspections fr om scratch within weeks.

As a result, companies that are able to quickly switch to VIEWAPP digital inspections change their style and approach to the service within a couple of months, receiving digital inspection results with a security guarantee, which not only turns the company around to its customers, but also instantly generates revenue in the form of unspent resources and finances.

As for those very end-users - smartphone owners - for them, delegating inspections by companies becomes a simple and comfortable process, wh ere you can launch the app and follow the step-by-step prompts - and the inspection result is guaranteed. It is now up to businesses to decide exactly how to implement this - through digital VIEWAPP inspections directly by their own staff or by delegating VIEWAPP inspections to end users. But in either case, there will be a restructuring of a company's operations to a progressive standard of service, when there will no longer be space or sense for pre-digital technology.