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Why do financial companies choose VIEWAPP for digitising inspections?

Financial companies provide a large volume of services and therefore have to be orientated towards the needs of their customers. In turn, customers are already using various digital technologies to make purchases in online marketplaces or other actions (bookings, ordering services, selling goods, etc.), and therefore their appetite for digital services is constantly growing.

The transformation of services to digital is happening at a fairly rapid pace because it is a worldwide trend and most, especially the flagship markets, are keen to stay in tune with the progress, to keep up with the flow, as this entails a loss of competitiveness. If some companies already have VIEWAPP and digital inspections and others do not, this will quickly have a negative impact on the customer portfolio for the latter, as it is not only competitive pricing that determines customer choice, but the convenience of service comes to the top of the agenda.

When an insurance or leasing customer realises that they do not need to make an appointment with an on-site specialist and waste time, but can carry out the inspection themselves at a convenient time by simply switching on the VIEWAPP app and following the easy-to-follow prompts, their comfort and satisfaction with the insurance service increases. It is thus obvious what a huge advantage companies with digital inspections have in terms of customer loyalty.

VIEWAPP for financial companies, from areas such as:

- insurance,

- banking,

- leasing

is an excellent choice as it enables one of the most important processes, " Object Inspections", to be digitised from an offline service. The big advantages of the VIEWAPP digital inspection platform are:

- a successfully proven solution;

- fast onboarding;

- the ability to inspect ANY objects, unlike competitors;

- speeding up deals and transactions many times over;

For insurance companies, for example, the faster and easier the pre-insurance or claims inspection, the more sales can be made and the shorter the settlement process time. Speeding up transactions directly contributes to business efficiency.

For company staff, there are also a lot of changes going on.The VIEWAPP web interface makes it much easier for experts to work with digital inspections: everything required is at their fingertips, the navigation is clear and easy to learn, and a warning appears if fraudulent manipulation of the inspection results occurs. In other words, everything is designed for comfortable and non-routine work.