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Why does a VIEWAPP digital inspection have to be done directly on site?

Many VIEWAPP mobile app users ask the following question "Why can't I download photos of the object to be inspected from my smartphone's gallery and not have to go on site to directly inspect the object on the ground?". It seems, indeed, that it would be much simpler that way. However, this simpler hides some very unpleasant consequences if fraudsters manage to take advantage of it.

Statistics of inspections in banks, insurance and leasing companies show that the percentage of manipulations with inspections is quite serious (in the range of 8-10%, and possibly higher, as many fraud attempts remain undetected forever or for a long time), and substitution of inspection results is fraught with significant financial consequences. Imagine, for example, that upon acceptance for insurance, one broken-down SUV is substituted for another similar vehicle in one piece. This is possible with unprotected inspections without the VIEWAPP technology, if you first take a picture of the VIN number of one car, and then proceed to inspect a completely different car. And then an Insurance Company is applied to settle the damage for the full insured value of this car. Prices for cars are well known to everyone and they are not small, that is, for the insurance company the loss of the amount of the cost of even one SUV causes very, very serious damage.

Let's consider another situation, when the user must inspect the foundation of his future building to receive another credit tranche for construction. Without a secure digital VIEWAPP inspection he may send a photo of foundation, which is not his foundation at all, and, having received the tranche, spend all the money for other purposes. For the inspection company, this situation threatens to cause losses, as it is obvious that the fraudster does not intend to repay the loan.

The VIEWAPP mobile application has a multi-stage protection against fraud, which allows you to accurately determine the coordinates of the inspection, their verification in various ways. And this greatly complicates the life of fraudsters.

There are a lot of variants of manipulation with the results of inspections - fraudsters are fictitious, but since VIEWAPP uses a whole range of security measures, the level of protection against fraud in digital inspections is very high.