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Why is it convenient to delegate VIEWAPP to clients?

The field of inspection is very vast, interesting, and, of course, filled with nuances and various complexities that inspection companies have to deal with. In the era of digitalisation, which is currently developing at a rapid speed, offline inspection methods are fast becoming a thing of the past and digital inspections are taking their place, offering a host of benefits.

Previously, companies were largely unable to trust inspections to customers due to lack of security and lack of realised inspection scenarios. With the advent of VIEWAPP digital inspections, these obstacles have been removed, making customer self-service inspections a reality.

Each inspection company, be it an insurance, banking or leasing organisation, inspections have their own regulations for each facility and the VIEWAPP platform allows these scenarios to be implemented in a compliant manner. This means that each inspection will be performed without errors and will not have to be redone due to non-compliance with the regulations.

The ability to create and customise inspection algorithms allows businesses to tailor the process to their specific requirements. This flexibility makes the inspection process more efficient and adaptable to a variety of tasks, from monitoring property condition to assessing vehicle damage.

As for the all-consuming problem of content spoofing, which has blossomed particularly brightly with the advent of artificial intelligence, the suite of security measures built into VIEWAPP digital inspections prevents fraud by not allowing inspection results to be spoofed. And this is one of the fundamental factors for inspection companies when deciding whether to connect to the VIEWAPP platform.

So, delegating inspections to clients using the VIEWAPP app offers many advantages.

  • Firstly, it significantly reduces the time and financial costs of inspections.

  • Secondly, Clients can conduct digital inspections themselves at a time convenient for them, using the app's simple instructions. This is particularly useful for insurance companies and leasing firms that need to regularly check the condition of the property.

  • The app also provides fraud protection by capturing the exact time and location of the inspection, ensuring that the data received is authentic. This is an important advantage for businesses, who can be confident that the information provided is accurate and that their financial interests are protected.

Thus, delegating inspections to clients through the VIEWAPP app increases the efficiency and safety of the process, while providing users with a convenient and intuitive tool for performing inspections.