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Why is VIEWAPP not the right application for fraudsters to examine?

Fraud is quite common especially in the financial industry where there are many loopholes for deception. For example, in the insurance industry, fraudsters may resort to substituting or otherwise manipulating photos and videos that are the results of an insurance acceptance inspection. These examinations are currently conducted by insurance companies both ways: offline and digitised.

VIEWAPP is an innovative digital inspection technology that enables inspections of various objects to be carried out with all the details and requirements of the company's regulations. In the insurance industry, these can be both pre-insurance inspections and loss adjusting inspections. With many years of interaction with the insurance industry, VIEWAPP's developers have taken into account and worked out the various tricks used by fraudsters to manipulate the results of inspections. For example, attempts to pass off one car as another in order to conceal damage, where first a photo of the VIN number of one car is taken and then a view of a similar but whole car is recorded.

VIEWAPP is designed to ensure that no fraudster's trick is overlooked. An inbuilt security system which, among other things, uses checksum reconciliation, will warn if any manipulation is detected by an employee of the inspecting company when checking the inspection.

The anti-fraud system also includes:

  • Prohibiting the use of a gallery to upload photos/videos. Photos and videos of the facility can only be taken in the app;

  • Detecting and alerting on the fact of GPS coordinates spoofing;

  • Use of mandatory video steps in inspections to identify the object.

All this helps to prevent fraud, which causes significant damage to companies. If detected in time at the inspection stage, it does not lead to further wrongful payments or investigations with physical involvement of the security service. This means sensitive savings for the insurance company.

Fraud is a pain not only in insurance. Other fields are also frequently confronted with this parasitic phenomenon. In leasing, when monitoring leased items, fraudsters can manipulate inspection data to hide damage or loss of equipment received - these are real cases our clients have encountered. VIEWAPP digital inspections provide full digital inspections at any distance and difficult to access, allowing for interactive control and monitoring. In fact, with the VIEWAPP app, the lessee or policyholder themselves can do the inspection directly. To do this, the insurer or leasing company simply gives him access to the required inspection scenario.

Digital technology is increasingly narrowing down the possibilities for fraudsters, and this is just one of VIEWAPP's many values. By using VIEWAPP digital inspections, companies are contributing to the fight against crime in a new format.