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ERGO is the 2nd largest insurance group in Germany and one of the largest insurance structures in Europe, part of the international Munich Re Group. The number of clients entrusting their interests to ERGO already exceeds 40 million - so impeccable is its reputation, financial and business strength. The company meets all high international standards and strives to provide services at the level expected of such a high company.
As a modern business, ERGO considers various innovative technologies to optimise its operations and great potential has been recognised in VIEWAPP digital inspections, which may form the basis of a new standard of service for policyholders. Remote and secure inspections of objects of insurance or claims handling can quickly become common not only to the insurer's staff, but also to clients, who can inspect their cars, houses and other property on their own without spending too much time and energy, and the photo and video results of the inspections will be immediately available to the company's specialists for further work.