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LLC LABB is a leader of insurance adjusting with representatives in 140 countries. The company provides a full settlement cycle, including inspections of damaged property and its expertise. Staff's qualification allows conducting the most difficult inspections and examinations in various industries. The advantages of LABB LLC are high professionalism, a wide network of representatives, prompt response, the use of the latest developments to provide service at a high level.
The application based on innovative technology of remote inspections VIEWAPP named «LABB.View» is designed to inspect damaged property for further damage settlement procedure with the insurer. Inspections of property, transport, special equipment are now conducted safely, quickly and conveniently. Inspection data is instantly transferred to specialists for further processing. This application is used for photo and video shooting according to a specific scenario to obtain results of inspection of damaged property, vehicles, special equipment and other things. Remote inspections make damage settlement quick and accessible.