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VIEWAPP is a new member of the Insurtech Community Hub

We are pleased to announce our new partnership!

VIEWAPP, as part of its development in the Ibero-American market of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Europe and Latin America, has become a member of the Insurtech Community Hub.

Insurtech Community Hub is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting the digital transformation of insurance and its implementation in the insurance sector.

ICH's main objective is to accelerate innovation and digital transformation in the insurance industry.

To achieve this goal, ICH is creating an extensive innovation ecosystem to transfer pioneering ideas to the insurance industry by strengthening ties in the Ibero-American community and bringing together a wide range of companies - fr om start-ups and insurance brokers to insurance companies, technology start-ups, universities, institutes, business schools, media, investors and government agencies - through various events.

This ecosystem ultimately incentivises:

- Attracting talent and innovative ideas,

- Strengthening interactions in the ecosystem,

- Knowledge sharing.

ICH creates a digital space for collective creativity and collaboration - a hub of ideas wh ere conditions that impact everyday life are shaped: from mobility and smart homes to healthy living, financial stability and digital security. ICH also offers participants a comprehensive programme of services to support their joining and development of the ecosystem, contributing to the development of the entire industry.

VIEWAPP looks forward to a mutually beneficial fruitful co-operation with Insurtech Community Hub, to new professional acquaintances, networking and collaborations.